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La Croix-de-Rozon,

Je ne peux que recommander l’agence immobilière SEGIMO pour sa compétence et son professionnalisme autant que pour son dynamisme suite à mes expériences auprès de cette entreprise.
Serviable, à l’écoute de mes interrogations et besoins, attentive à mes questionnements, j’ai été vite mis en confiance par le suivi et la rapidité avec laquelle elle traite les éléments pratiques administratifs. Aujourd’hui je les quitte suite à la vente d’un appartement que j’ai mis sur le marché par leur entremise et dont l’opération se solde à ma grande satisfaction.
Je réitère mes remerciements en ne pouvant que les recommander sur le marché immobilier et leur souhaite plein succès.


Grand Lancy,

J’ai eu un très bon contact avec Monsieur Thierry Roux. J’ai particulièrement apprécié sa disponibilité et son efficacité. Il a réussi à vendre mon appartement avec une signature chez le notaire en moins de 3 semaines, en plus à un bon prix. Je le recommande vivement.


La Plaine,

J’ai vendu mon appartement en campagne à La Plaine avec monsieur Andrew Lo Forte. Il est vraiment plaisant et professionnel, la vente a été rapide et il a toujours proposer le meilleur acheteur, il a suivi le projet jusqu’au bout et il a toujours été disponible, un grand merci et bravo.



Un grand merci à Monsieur Tauzin pour l’achat de notre maison. Il s’est toujours rendu disponible et à l’écoute. C’est un homme de parole, avec de magnifiques valeurs. Malgré les doutes et les incertitudes, il est toujours resté positif, calme et bienveillant. Encore un immense merci pour tout, nous avons eu une grande chance de croiser votre chemin.

P. & V. S.

Vieux-chemin d’Onex 24, 1213 Petit-lancy,

Nous sommes très content du service de l’Agence Segimo de par leur dévouement et leur patience. Thierry Roux a vendu notre appartement à un très bon prix en moins d’un mois. Nous sommes très satisfait de son efficacité. Grâce à l’aide et au soutien d’Isabelle D’Errico, nous avons retrouvé rapidement un autre appartement dans le même quartier. Nous recommandons vivement l’Agence Segimo.

M.L. et D. L.


Dear Mr. Gil Oliveira and Mr. Thierry Roux,

The 30th of July 2021 is a memorable day for not only us, but also all of you; because it is the day where we signed the sales contract with you under the witness of the notary. The signing of the contract is indeed a four-win – an all-win situation with the buyers satisfied, the seller contented, the agency proud, and the notary pleased.

The buyers are satisfied: According to the buyers, they had been looking for a house they were satisfied with for a long time. Unfortunately, they never fulfilled their wish. And our house is exactly the house they were searching for. They finally found the house most suitable for them. So it’s imaginable the joy this has brought them. After signing the contract, they brought their kids over to see the house and the kids were extremely excited about their future residence. And when they stated that they might not be able to afford for new furniture, I said I would give them all the furniture with no extra fee. At that juncture, the kids’ eyes brightened up with surprising joy and they started jumping up and down. Their joy simply cannot be expressed in words.

The seller is contented: For us, there are two things that are very important to us. One of which is getting the house sold as soon as possible – factually, the speed of the sale is totally out of my and my wife’s imagination. In less than a week – from having the buyers seeing the house to signing the contract – it was less than 5 days! We’re simply too satisfied with this. And the second point is that we wished to have our house sold to buyers who would love our house. And the result is undoubtedly very heart-warming to see as we had once put in tremendous amounts of effort to make it a home.

The agency is proud: For a real estate agency like yourselves, you can definitely be proud for having sold a house at such an incredible speed as a result of your effort and initiative. This should be the fastest sale done by your company. Congratulations! This has reflected the exceling service you are delivering and it’s a solid proof of your abilities as a true team. Your professionalism, responsibility, passion to the clients and impeccable services have rendered extremely great impressions. My wife and I are very grateful – thank you so much for everything you have done for us. For that, we wish that you make more and more successes and rise into greater heights.

The notary is pleased: For a notary, spending only 2-3 days to finish the whole procedure from down payment to signing the contract must be an experience of efficiency and pleasure.

And to fully express my joy for this all-win scene, I am hereby using traditional Chinese poems to send you my greatest wishes:

Buying a house, look for this agency; they gather the houses of your dreams.
With everlasting info, streaming aesthetics of the world, all come into the hands for thou to hold.
Selling a house, search for this agency; just like how angels rendered my marriage.
Flooding love and benevolence, with the beauty of the prices; embrace the wildest fantasy at your fingertips.


Petit Lancy,

I have known Mr. Thierry Roux, for the past few months, as my agent to sell an apartment in Geneva.
He has been efficient, hard-working and able to understand my requirements quickly.
He showed his skill in selling the apartment at the price required.
As a comparison between other agents, he was more dedicated, timely and able to negotiate a good price.

J. S. – Petit Lancy


Monsieur Jacques Tauzin est d’un très grand professionnalisme. Nous ne pouvons que recommander cette personne qui nous fut un très bon conseiller. – N. R.

Chêne Bougeries,

Many thanks to Mr Thierry Roux for his high effciency in whole sale process of my apartment.

A lot of potential buyers were gathered and final deal was fixed in two weeks!

He also helps me a lot in translation from French to Engllish in whole process.



Encore merci a Monsieur Jacques Tauzin, pour l’aide sur la vente de mon appartement, d’un grand professionnalisme et toujours a l’écoute.

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